About us.
GrowthStep was founded by startup veterans Jay, Connor and Danny. They saw that startups often had the ideas and products for success but they didn’t have the resources, budget or experience to grow their business.

GrowthStep provides startups with 360 support in the areas they need. Hiring full-time staff can be expensive and a big risk if the department has not yet been validated. With GrowthStep you can have startup experts work with you as if they were part of your team and when/if you want to move the role in-house we will even help you find and hire the right candidates.
We are your out-of-house team. You focus on ideas, we'll take care of the execution.

Meet the team.

Jay Singh
MD & Marketing Director

Connor Tagg
‍‍Creative Director

Danny Daley
Product Strategy Director

Laura Cameron
PR & Brand Director

Cristie Huang
Senior PR Consultant - APAC

Deepak Prabhakara
Technical Advisor

Tracey Timm
‍‍Virtual Assistant

Alex Hall
BD Executive

Talia Levitt
UX Writer

Dan Palmer
‍‍Motion Graphics

Monica Bidani
‍‍Sales & Partnerships

Aarati Divanji
Marketing and Operations

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We would love to hear from you. Whether you are passionate about what we do, or you feel our products can help you in your next mission. Let us know and we will be honored to hear from you.


In addition to engineering talent, we also bring venture capital funding to defense.  These relationships are built on years of trust and success .  We could not explore the limits of our capabilities without them.

Founders Fund
Round A

General Catalyst
Round B

Lux Capital
Round A

Round A

Andreessen Horowitz
Round A